Edmonton mayoral candidates weigh in on getting provincial cash

We asked candidates what they think they can do better to attract money from the federal and provincial governments.

Don Iveson

Candidate Don Iveson said he has a strong relationship with the provincial government and will best be able to make Edmonton’s case.

“My expertise and my relationships are with the provincial government and the region and the mayor of Calgary.”

Karen Leibovici

Candidate Karen Leibovici argues the province will be more receptive than it has been in the past.

“I believe the circumstances are different today than they were before,” she said. “I've got good relationships with the provincial government.”

Kerry Diotte

Candidate Kerry Diotte said he doesn’t think the city should expect major help from other governments.

“Obviously, we want to get sustainable funding, but right now both of those levels of government are quite challenged,” he said. “We have really got to look at our own house first.”