How to run your own WikiWash searches

WIkiWash is a search engine that reveals the edit history of a Wikipedia entry. To learn which users have been editing a page whose history your interested in, simply paste the link or type the title into WikiWash's search field.

WikiWash will then provide you with a chronological list of edits made to that page, including the handle or IP address of the person behind it. Clicking on each edit's summary will highlight the specific changes that were made -- be it simply correcting a typo or something a little shadier.

If you want to download the edit history to your own computer, simply click Export Session and you will be sent a .CSV file that can be opened with a spreadsheet program like Excel, allowing you to browse the information at any time.

So what to do with all these edit histories? Well, that's up to you. The goal of WikiWash is to make tracking activity on Wikipedia less opaque.

So are you unhappy with what's written on a topic you're particularly devoted to? Find out who is writing what and when. Are you suspicious that a political or corporate operative is spreading misinformation? Find an edit that makes you wary, then track that user's activity elsewhere on the site.

WikiWash is very much in its infancy, and its full potential will be unlocked by curious users like you. Stories and scandals could be found in something as obvious as a blatant lie that's already been posted and yanked. Or they could reveal themselves gradually as you explore an unusual pattern you stumbled across.

However you choose to use WikiWash, you will be contributing to the end goal of making Wikipeda -- one of the most well-read and popularly cited reference tools in the world -- more transparent, trustworthy and accurate.