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Londoner lives the Dream with release of debut album

When Londoner Chad Price started writing music, he didn't have any intention of pursuing it as a career.

"It all happened naturally after I sent out some demos to producers I wanted to record with. I know I'm really lucky," says the 25-year-old musician.

After recording an album in Toronto and Los Angeles with acclaimed music producer Bill Bell, Price was signed by the independent music label Attack Media Group. His debut album In This Dream will be released Friday at the London Music Hall.

Price's music can be described as alternative pop rock, with a little bit of soul on top. His relaxed R&B vocals are what make his songs sound unique.

Although he has been playing guitar since he was nine years old, it was in university that Price began singing and writing his own songs.

"Something opened up in me then," says Price. "Maybe it was being away from home or experiencing life from a different lens. I started missing a lot of school to write songs. It just took me over. It was something beyond me."

Price felt pulled between what society wanted him to do, pursue a normal career, and what he wanted to do, play music. This feeling of uncertainty is written into his new single Another Day.

"That song is about celebrating being lost and being OK with it," says Price. "I realized you don't need to know everything right away. Be patient and happy with the moment."

Price talks about the song's poppy sound. "When I wrote it, it wasn't as upbeat and poppy as it came out. In the studio, it became more of a fun summer thing - good for radio," says Price. "But if people listen to the whole album, they will hear the real musicianship of what I do."

His favourite song on the album is This Dream.

"It's a very soulful song that builds into a groovy R&B track. It comes from a deep place," he says. The song is about how people often move through life without questioning their daily routines or what society grooms them to do.

"It's more than just everyday mindless pop songs. I think there's a message in the music," says Price.

Although Price spends a lot of time in Toronto, he plans to remain in London for now. "It's my hometown and I feel good here," he says.

The CD release party starts at 8 p.m. at the London Music Hall. Tickets are $10 at the door.

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