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London indie music finds a home on the radio with Ready, Set, Radio!

It was the perfect timing for the two London-based indie music gurus to team up.

Music trivia night host and So Young guitarist Chris Martin has joined forces with Aaron McMillan, creator of the Indie Underground music blog and Wednesday night DJ at Call The Office, to create Ready, Set, Radio! The show is broadcast live on 94.9 CHRW-FM Radio every other Saturday from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m.

“We play lots of Canadian music but also notable international tracks. We will try and showcase deserving bands that are either from London or who are just gigging here,” says McMillan, who was recently chosen by the city to be a part of London’s Music Industry Development task force.

The mega blogger had been thinking of starting a radio show of his own, and Martin (former co-host of the CHRW shows Feel Good Frequency and WolfWizard Radio) was about to lose a partner, so it was only natural for the two long-time friends to start talking shop on air.

“I like that our show is a lot more honest and organic than the normal overproduced radio shows that just all sound the same,” says Martin. “Aaron and I don’t rehearse our conversations beforehand. Everything that happens on air is just us hanging out and talking as we normally would.

“Aaron does so much research and knows much more about new music than anyone I know. I learn a lot during each episode, and I try to introduce him to stuff I like as well.”

For McMillan, who works part time as a graphic designer, the radio show is just one more outlet to share his love of indie music.

“The opportunity to work on Western’s campus, connecting with other musically passionate individuals who live, eat and breath indie music is inspiring to me,” McMillan says about broadcasting on CHRW.

For Martin, “it’s a very selfish endeavour.

“I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to music. I’m always the guy who wants to choose what music is playing at a party,” he says. “So this is my only opportunity to control what music gets played over the airwaves, which is a really powerful feeling.”

Right now, some of the duo’s top picks for bands to let rip over the airwaves include Jagwar Ma, Temples, Parov Stelar and Sebastien Grainger, as well as local bands New Zebra Kid, Wolf Saga, Ivory Hours and Wormwood.

You can stream Ready, Set, Radio! online at

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