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Kenny vs. Spenny takes on Canada — in living colour

Many adjectives have been used to describe comedian and television personality Kenny Hotz, but modest likely isn’t among them.

When asked about his landmark television show Kenny vs. Spenny, Hotz has some strong opinions.

“I truly think it’s the funniest show in the history of television, it had more laughs per minute than any show in history. I watched people fall off of couches watching our show and I’m really proud of it,” Hotz said in a telephone interview.

The high opinion of his work may be justified; the show, which featured a competition between Hotz and Spencer Rice and culminated in the loser being humiliated, has been broadcast around the world and has spawned several international versions, while becoming a cult classic in the duo’s home country of Canada.

The success of the show may also somewhat justify Hotz’s ire that it isn’t still running.

“Broadcasters have been too stupid to pick up the show, one of the most popular shows ever in the country. That doesn’t make sense for anybody. It has 200 million views on YouTube, it makes no sense. This country needs to be more profit motivated.”

Hotz has been actively campaigning to be picked up by a network, but the controversial show has yet to find a home since going off the air waves in 2010.

For now, fans will have to content themselves with seeing Kenny vs. Spenny in person, as the duo is embarking on a Canadian club tour — including a pair of stops in Saskatchewan — featuring a question and answer session and behind the scenes footage.

In addition to looking forward to getting up close and personal with the fans, Hotz sees the live show as an opportunity to dispel one of the myths about the TV version.

“It always bugged me that people thought the show was fake when it’s so real. If you’re a fan, you’ll be so relieved to finally meet us and see that it’s all real and it validates the content.”

Hotz believes there is enough material that if it were to return, the TV show could run for 500 episodes, a good 415 more than have aired to this point. And he says it would only get better as it went along. “Our show gets funnier because it’s more pathetic. The fatter and older we get the funnier the show is because it’s just so horrific that these two 40-year-old idiots would do something like this to each other.”

Silver screen?

While Kenny vs. Spenny hasn’t found a TV home, it could end up on a larger screen, as there is talk of making a movie. “I’m ready to do it, the time may be right. It would be Kenny vs. Spenny 2.0, on acid. It would be like an episode but bigger and badder and crazier,” Kenny Hotz said.

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