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Without a Nenshi challenger, is a robot revolution next?

This week, the worst kept secret since I sat my family down to tell them that I was bald, was revealed.

Just weeks after his two-year anniversary, Mayor Nenshi announced that he would be seeking re-election in 2013.

Over the next couple of months, people will undoubtedly say, “Why would anyone run against Nenshi?”  Which is a pretty fair statement.   As of last year, our mayor had the highest approval rating of any major city mayor in Canada.  Running for Mayor in 2013 would be more of an uphill battle than trying to drive up 14th St. NW immediately after a dusting of snow. So why would anyone want to run against him?  Well, because democracy is awesome and most importantly, we columnists need something to talk about.

It may seem like a long time ago, but the last municipal election made amazing fodder for people who are often looking for content. For better or worse, we regularly depend on politicians to inspire our creativity.

While some weeks are plentiful, specifically whenever Danielle Smith tries to relate to this city’s impoverished, most weeks I spend hours upon hours scanning my twitter account, hoping that an alderman, MLA, or MP will say something that I can lampoon.

Remember when Barb Higgins essentially lost the campaign during a live interview on Breakfast Television?  I’m still making jokes about that. And quite frankly, living in a conservative stronghold, makes Calgary’s municipal elections the most exciting thing to vote for since Canadian Idol.

I’d also like to see someone run, because choice is always good. Maybe it’s because I watched Robocop too many time as a kid, but Nenshi’s huge approval rating has always made me a little nervous.

I think he’s a nice person and I understand, that to many, he’s changed Calgary for the better.

However, any time anyone has nearly unanimous approval, I can only assume that a giant robot revolution is right around the corner. To be clear, it’s not that I’ve seen our mayor secretly store large pieces of metal in a warehouse or anything like that. It’s because I get nervous when people seem to have unequivocal love for any politician, unless it’s in musical form, like Evita.

Over the next couple of months, I’m sure more than a few names will begin to appear on the ballot for 2013, and I hope that they do. If there is one thing that Nenshi has proven, is that he is always up for a challenge, and after this week’s U.S election, who doesn’t love a potential photo finish?

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