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Blurring the lines between café and lounge at Gravity

Gravity Café

909 10th St. S.E.


Rating: ***1/2

Price range: $6.50 - $9.75

I like places that blur the lines. Inglewood's newest café is somewhere in between a coffee shop and a lounge.

The design is slick, the art is eye catching, the ceiling is high, it offers late-night hours on the weekend, and elite hipster employees man the counter. It's a good looking place.

My lunch date and I shared a Chicken Sausage Panini ($9.75) and the feature soup, Chicken Mulligatawny ($6.50).

The Panini was good, but not great. Aside from the sausage and a bit of pesto, it could have used a flavour boost, and it was a lot of bread for such few ingredients.

The soup was delicious, homemade, with a nice balance of spice.

I ordered a Red Racer I.P.A. to wash down my food. Any coffee shop that lets me have a beer with lunch gets a thumbs up from me!

I'll be back soon. Probably for a blind date or two.

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