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Hot dogs get fancy & creative makeover at Fat City Franks

Fat City Franks

2015 4th St. S.W.


Rating: 4/5

Price range: $6 - $9

Client negotiations: No

Lunch with co-workers: Yes

Social lunch: Yes

Quick solo lunch: Yes

There seems to be an eternal debate in this city over which specialty hot dog establishment boasts a better...can I say...wiener?

In my opinion, they’re very different and I’ve come to love them both.

This week, I was strolling around Mission, so decided to swing by Fat City Franks for lunch.

The options all sound equally mouth-watering, but I had to go for the Mediterranean Dog ($5.99) with a side of home-made slaw ($2.50).

A giant bun was filled with hummus, olives, artichoke hearts, feta and, of course, an all-beef hot dog.

I realize that hummus and hot dogs are not a typical combination, but it worked here, with the toppings providing a nice salty/tangy balance to the creamy hummus.

The slaw was tossed in a simple vinaigrette, which I always prefer over mayo-heavy dressings.

See, hot dogs can be fancy too!

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