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The etiquette of re-gifting

To re-gift, or not to re-gift? We all know that there’s been a long-standing debate on the topic — and that at best, it leaves everyone agreeing to disagree. So let’s put an end to the debate once and for all.

I’m here to tell you that, yes, re-gifting is acceptable.  You read that correctly: Charles the Butler says it’s alright to re-gift. Having said that, there’s a rule or two involved that we need to understand, so let’s go over them.

  • Re-gifting is only acceptable if you have never used the item. This means that, if it is a puzzle, you cannot have tried putting it together; if it is a sweater, you cannot have worn it a few times; if it’s a DVD, you cannot have watched it; if it’s a computer game, you cannot have tried it out for a couple of weeks. The item must be completely unused and in its original package.

  • You must give the item to a person who you think will really like it. Giving something you don’t want just to get it out of your house means it’s is not a sincere gift. You must believe in your heart that the person will honestly enjoy receiving the item in question as a present.

When you give the gift, ensure you make an effort to wrap it properly, and don’t announce to the room that it’s a re-gift, because that will surely make the other person uncomfortable.

Finally, if you’re uncomfortable re-gifting despite all of the above, then don’t — donate the item in its original packaging to a charity or worthy cause. Someone will be happy to find it.

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