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Find room for Christmas

Q: I live in a really small space and have no room to add a Christmas tree. How can I add a festive look to my small condo that won't take up the floor space? – Andrea Nichols, Vancouver

A: I suggest looking at ways to add fresh or artificial greenery to the walls or a door rather than taking up floor space.

First thing to do is inquire with your condo to see if fresh greens and trees are allowed (very often they are not), especially when electrical lights are being added. Not only are they considered a fire hazard, but the cleaning of dried needles and removal of the tree after the holidays is often a concern.

Artificial greens are a great alternative; they look realistic, are fire-retardant and last from year to year.

Look for outdoor artificial greenery. Larger-scaled wreaths and garlands can also help add a bigger impact.

Christmas in a corner

Choose an artificial half or corner tree.

This will give you the look of a tree but without the bulk of a full one.

I suggest buying a four-six foot tree and standing it on a skirted decorator table to give it height and allow it to look super tall and majestic.

With only half or a quarter-sized tree to decorate, fill it with tons of ornaments that are all related by colour.

Some great colour combinations would be: brown and orange, lime green and gold or red and turquoise.

Do up your door

Link three wreaths vertically on a door so they can be viewed from a common spot in your condo. Use over-door wreath hangers to hang the wreaths.

Arranging the smallest on top to largest on bottom will give you a traditional tree shape or stacking same-sized wreaths will add a contemporary flair.

Use battery operated mini lights to illuminate the wreaths to allow the door to swing open and closed.

For real fun, paint the door a shiny bright red colour or cover it in a big-scaled holiday wrapping paper.

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