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Double duty Christmas decor

For me, Christmas is all about setting a festive mood with holiday decor.

Although it would be nice to buy new holiday decor items each year, I find myself wanting to get creative with things from years past to create a more personal style to my space this year.

Here's a few ways to create interesting holiday focal points with things you might already have around the house.

Layer your tables with decorative fabrics

Throws, blankets and quilts can add pattern and colour to a tabletop.

These work to protect the table while giving it casual flair.

Whether layering on a buffet or coffee table, try adding rich colours and tones from lux throws like faux-fur, wool plaid or chenille fabrics for a worldly look.

Use your wreath as a centrepiece

Last year's faux wreath or this year's fresh one hanging on the front door can easily take a horizontal position and become a festive centrepiece.

Display holiday lights in a tall vase

Fill various shaped glass vases with LED string lights and group together on a sofa table or in front of an used fireplace to create a modern holiday glow. Clear vases display multi-coloured lights best while white lights look great in coloured glass vases. This idea also makes a safe night light for your guests.

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