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Everything old is new again in carpet trends

The look of handmade is everywhere in design and acts as a great juxtaposition to modern furnishings and art in a room.

Without exception, the floors are the most ignored part of any decor scheme. Why not add uniqueness to your space by adding a vintage rug?

The world is full of old, tattered, outdated carpets and what better way to recycle than to reinvent them into something hip and attractive?

The earth-friendly trend is to reuse and revamp worn and outdated rugs into something fresh and artful for our rooms.

Second-life rugs can be bleached for a sun-kissed romantic look or over-dyed with rich saturated Andy Warhol-style acidic colours. Damaged rugs can be cut into large pieces and sewn back together for a patchwork of pattern in a room.

Too bad the design world can’t figure out how to re-invent the rust velour recliner.[gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

Rug rules

If the room is in desperate need of colour or pattern, then choose a glass or Lucite coffee table to show off your rug.

Too much colour for your liking? A wooden table or large ottoman will help break it up.

Use a rug to define an area in a room or hallway. Two or three short runners can break up a long hallway space and shorten the overall look while a collection of layered rugs can be easily moved around for a variety of looks.

In small spaces try to match the tone (light and dark) of the rug to the floor; it visually makes the space look larger if both match.

Patterned carpets are great for high-traffic areas as they show less wear and tear than a solid colour.

Don’t excuse using outdoor woven rugs inside to take the wear and tear of a busy space.

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