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Six bright ideas to add your personal style to your lighting

Customizing your lamps and lighting doesn't have to break the bank

The time is jumping forward this weekend and that means a dark room when you come home from work each night. Lighting is more important than ever, so customize your autumn glow with a few accessories to dress up a boring light.

Sunnemo Large Lamp Shade

Add glamour over a dining room table or on a floor lamp. $39,

Magenta & Orange Stripe DIY Fabric Wire

Add a jolt of colour when re-wiring a boring or vintage lamp. $1.50 per foot,

Clip Brass Light

Clip to the top of a mirror or painting, or add a couple along the top of a bookcase for sexy downward lighting. $100,

Globe Electric Vintage Lightbulbs

A vintage glow comes from the past. $22/set of 3,

BAZZ Table Lamp

The simplest base to hold the fanciest of lampshades. $32,

GHOST Table Lamp

Set the tone of your room with over a dozen different colour options. $64,

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