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Make the perfect movie night at home

These accessories will have you flicking and chillin' in style

There’s only a few Friday  nights left to hibernate at home before the holiday parties begin, so turn off the Tinder and treat yourself to a movie night at home. Here are a few creature comforts to get you started.

Plum & Bow Cable Knit Boo Pillow
Wrap a set of loving arms around yourself while enjoying a movie night at home. $169,

Checked Crochet Blanket
Settle in for the winter with a favourite cosy throw. $169,

The new Apple TV
Tired of all that clicking? Watch your favourite movies with the ease of voice activation. From $199,

Stainless Steel Faceted Copper Mug
The ultimate sippy cup for dozing off during a movie. Add the big trend of copper and your movie night never looked so stylish. $20,

Jumbo Flip Chair
It’s a chair, an extra bed or a comfy way to watch television on the floor. $144,

Kettle-style Popcorn Popper
Make up to 25 cups of popcorn for a full night of movie watching. $120,

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