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Give some kitchen cheer this holiday season with these gifts

From chef to entertainer, here are a few gifts sure to please everyone no matter how they use their kitchen

Know someone with a new kitchen (or someone who loves spending time there)? Look for gifts that suit how they use their kitchen, from the constant entertainer to the serious cook.

The two big kitchen colours for 2016 are copper and red so add a little style to someone’s kitchen this Christmas with the gifts you give. Spend a lot or spend a little; but these pairings belong together.


KitchenAid Tri-Ply Copper Stainless Steel 10-Piece Set

Give the conductivity of copper, heating efficiency of aluminum and the durability
of stainless steel. $1,100, now $550,

Great add-on gift: Silicone Oven Mitt with Cotton Liner

The heat resistance of silicone with the comfort of cotton inside. $11,

KitchenAid Ceramic 2.8-Quart Red Casserole

Commercial-quality ceramic resists staining, chipping and crazing. $70.

Great add-on gift: Volcano Stove Heavy-Duty Trivet

Keep the counters and table protected. $18,


Torrent Magnetic Drive Blender, Candy Apple Red

Give 18,000 rpms powered by a super-magnetic drive force. $600,

Great add-on gift: Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon Original Irish Cream Liqueur

The newest (and most talked about) cream liqueur flavour of the year. $30,

Copper Steel Coffee Press with Walnut Handle

Hand-crafted coffee never brewed so chic. $58,

Great add-on gift: Starbucks Christmas Blend Vintage 2015 Whole Bean

Just for the holidays — get it while you can. $20/1 lb,

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