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Edmonton International Cat Festival is feline friendly, naturally

I’m not one to throw stones in a glass house, so let me start with a confession: I have been told by a few people I am one more adoption away from being branded as a crazy pet lady. My fur family includes two rescue puppies and an earless cat. Yes, an earless cat. As a stray, Lola lost her ears and tip of her tail to severe frostbite. She is also a black cat, and black cats tend to be adopted less often thanks to the bad-luck myth. With many odds stacked against her, we developed a unique bond. It’s a bond only other cat parents can shamelessly understand.

That bond is why Linda Hoang, proud cat mom and social media guru, decided it was time for Edmonton to have its first official cat festival. “I was inspired to create the Edmonton International Cat Festival after seeing the success of the Internet Cat Video Film Festival that drew more than 10,000 people to their event just by getting people together to watch cat videos,” Hoang says. “I have always been fairly active in the community, or I try to be, and organizing an event to support an important cause was something that had been on my mind for a while.”

The Edmonton International Cat Festival is a one-day-only event on Saturday, June 7, and takes place at the NAIT Shaw Theatre (11762 106 Street). Guests are asked not to bring their own pets, although cats from Edmonton’s Humane Society will be in attendance. Supporting the society was especially important to Hoang as she planned the festival.

“Cats are truly a passion for me and I believe they are a passion and a huge part of the lives of so many Edmontonians. I believe this festival fills a niche. I believe Edmonton was missing a festival like this. It makes complete sense to me that an Edmonton cat festival exists and thrives here based on the reaction I’ve been getting leading up to the festival,” she says.

Hoang notes 100 per cent of profits from ticket sales will go to the Edmonton Humane Society.


Tickets are $15 and available from

• Pets are not permitted.

• Event runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at NAIT Shaw Theatre on June 7.

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