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Terrific Japanese fare at the mall? It’s possible with Oranj

Oranj Sushi Bar

Bourbon Street, West Edmonton Mall


Rating. 4.5/5

Price range. Mid

Business lunch. Yes

Social lunch. Yes

Quick solo lunch. Yes

Some Bourbon Street spots open and close immediately, while others have stood the test of time. Oranj has the makings of a pro.

The dim, funky little eating area curls around a sushi bar, with plenty of seats at the counter.

A pair of chefs move gracefully past each other through clouds of steam to prepare each meal.

My massive Bento Box ($24 or $15 for the lunch bento) overflowed with delightful treats. From the moist beef and crisp, fresh vegetable tempura to the California rolls and thin, chilled slices of sushi, I kept finding new flavours to savour in every compartment of the box.

I happily returned to my sweet, syrupy plum wine ($5.50) between courses.

As my kids devoured the last rice from their teriyaki bowls ($5), I watched the sushi chefs for a while.

Then I stepped out of the quiet sushi haven, following the family back into the bustling mall to finish our shopping.

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