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Maritime musician Lana Grant cooks up an East Coast collaboration

Between touring, writing and promoting, being a Maritime musician can be, according to artist Lana Grant, quite an individualized journey.

There is the occasional collaboration or music festival but, as Grant pointed out to me in a recent interview, there is a need to bring everyone together.

A perpetual project manager, Grant called on her 20 years worth of connections in the music business, along with her experience in marketing, to created Musicians, Memories & Morsels: An East Coast Story Cook Book.

“I know other musicians that have a lot of good stories and a lot of good recipes, so I put out a call and invited all these artists to join in and make a really complementary book,” Grant said.

“I love leading projects like this and supporting the music industry.”

Less than a year after the idea was merely a passing comment over drinks, this 160-page kitchen party in a book represents so much more than a collection of stories and recipes.

“We decided to use it as a tool to raise awareness for mental health.”

Having a niece who is bipolar, mental illness is a cause near to Grant’s heart. Sadly, recent news events have given weight to the importance of access to treatment and proper, stigma-free awareness for those living with mental illness.

“In the book, we have ‘recipe for health’ with resource websites and phone numbers for people to ask for help,” Grant said.

“If we can save a couple people from making a bad decision because they are suffering — that is so important.”

To help promote this project, Grant, and other featured musicians, will continue a promotional book tour, and launch a series of concerts throughout the Maritimes.

Where to find it

•    Online.

•    Around town. All Comfort and Joy locations or at Argyle Fine Art.

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