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Halifax's DJ Ryan Hemsworth - defending digital music

The face of “the musician” continues to change. The crooners of the ’40s moved our hearts, The King moved our hips, the Beatles made us want to hold hands and then Bowie took us to another planet, and the rest of the ’70s brought us back to earth where we’ve been rocking out for years.

Today in the age of technology, a “live show” looks somewhat different. Instead of coming in for a sound check prior to his show Halifax’s Ryan Hemsworth simply plugs in his laptop.

“When I started I was playing guitar and singing,” Hemsworth told me. “It’s not like that anymore — now I make everything from my computer and I perform from there so it’s more internal.”

Starting out as a live musician, Hemsworth kept his computer skills in check alongside his creativity introducing himself to the recording and production process.

“I’ve been on my computer everyday since I was nine-years-old so moving everything into the computer just seemed sort of natural,” Hemsworth said of his recorded original work, a creative process that continues to this day.

“But I also have a lot of fun working with samples.”

In addition to his original music, Hemsworth keeps his ear out for interesting drumbeats and melodies.

From there it’s a meticulous experiment of layering samples and tracks “until it has a good balance and dynamic.”

But with no musical instruments in sight, is this music?

“It’s a different world than a band where they is a group of people with a lot of energy — where when I’m up there you can’t see what I’m doing so it may get lost in translation,” he said.

“The nice thing is it’s really common now so I don’t have to defend myself as much anymore.”

Show details

• Where: The Palace Nightclub (1721 Brunswick St.)

• When: Friday, 10 p.m.

• Price: $25

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