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Throbbing hearts and staying power: The Tegan and Sara story

With the conclusion of Halifax Pride this weekend, it’s a perfect time for Calgary’s singing sisters Tegan and Sara to visit the city.

Eager to entice us at the Metro Centre on Tuesday night, Tegan Quin tells me the venture into music was a generational right of passage.

“We started playing music when we were teenagers — it was the ’90s and everyone had a band,” Quin said.

“After so many years things changed and we are lucky to stay current.”

When the digital age of the late 1990s took the music business by the hand and led it into the new millennium, the sisters took to the trend.

At-home recording technology placed musical manipulation at their fingertips and, as Quin recalls, allowed for both growth in their music and personal message.

Both openly gay, the Quins never intended to be a pride mouthpiece but, as Tegan shares, they use their personal story as a tool to relate to their fans.

“I think we are musicians that are conscious and accepting that we are living in a time of the digital age and social media is very important and it’s gotten to a point in our career that we’re not just engaging with our fans but with press and radio,” she said.

“We just remain honest and open and I try to make it a more positive place for everybody.”

Thankfully the sisters keep the spotlight on their music, allowing their sexual preference to remain an after thought.

For those who have listened to their music over the years, the now seven albums that make up the Tegan and Sara empire allow the Quins to cater to their firm fan base and “build epic set lists for the live shows.”

Success continues to find them with their latest album Heartthrob.

“I get this feeling sometimes that people are saying, ‘When will those bitches quit — they’ve been at it so long — seven records — get out of the way,’ but I get really excited when people are just discovering us now with this record and (it) makes me excited that there is a whole world out there to explore.”

In the Halifax area?

•    What. Tegan and Sara, with special guest Lights

•    Where. Halifax Metro Centre

•    When. Tuesday, 8 p.m.

•    Tickets.

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