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Some unexpected flavour surprises at Mexicali Rosa’s

Who would expect a quality steak at Mexicali Rosa’s?

When my pal orders Steak Tampiquena ($23.99) I consider him bold, but wow, what a fine choice.

Medium rare as requested, thick and juicy, with great flavour accentuated by chipotle sauce, Monterey Jack Cheese and Pico de gallo (fresh salsa).

A plain cheese enchilada and hot and soft sweet potato fries are decent accompaniments (rice and beans and house salad are other options).

My Chicken Enchilada Suissa ($13.99) with two enchiladas made with corn tortillas, baked with tomatillo sauce, and topped with Arroz Cream Sauce, sounds better than it tastes.

There’s a gooeyness and richness than gets tiresome after just a few bites. My accompanying rice is dry and bland, and the beans are over-salted.  This dish has that standardized taste one finds in a chain restaurant.

But the steak impresses, and just might accompany a summer Margarita on Mexicali’s deck.

Visiting the restaurant

Mexicali Rosa’s

Address. 5472 Spring Garden Rd.

Phone. 422-7672

Rating. 3/5

Price range. $$

Lunch with co-workers. Yes

Social lunch. Yes

Quick solo lunch. Yes

Client negotiations. No

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