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New documentary proves aliens exist. We're dead Sirius

We are not alone.

We just haven’t noticed yet.

That’s one conclusion you could draw from the latest breathless alien disclosure.

The so-called “Atacama Humanoid,” so-called because it was allegedly found in the Atacama Desert of Chile, and is only six-inches tall. Talk about your “little” green man. Easy to overlook.

A full close-up is promised on April 22 when a “documentary” called Sirius premieres in Hollywood.

There’s the first clue.

In the trailer, Atacama Humanoid is featured at his (her?) own autopsy, along with a lot of the usual stuff about how the presence of aliens and their cool technology on Earth has been suppressed by the oil industry, large corporations and financial interests, blah, blah. Why is it these guys always suppress cool technologies but somehow adopt loser technologies like electric cars, solar power and wind? (Elementary, my dear Watson. Precisely because they don’t work.)

The trailer for Sirius is causing a fair amount of fringe media fuss because of the autopsy scenes and an X-ray of Atacama Humanoid, which reveals an anatomically plausible skeleton. In the autopsy shot, it appears that someone is extracting Atacama’s brain from the back of his tiny skull. Either that or it’s a note that says “Fooled you again, sucker.”

The man behind these shenanigans, er, proceedings is Dr. Steven Greer, a former emergency room medical doctor, who claims to have attracted the highest documentary crowd-funding raise in history. (See “sucker” above). ER goes ET.

Dr. Greer is the self-declared world’s leading authority on extraterrestrials and has founded more centres and projects than you can shake a stick at. There’s another clue: real scientists don’t need to create their own centres and projects. That’s what universities are for.

Sadly, even though we’re doomed to be disappointed — ah-gain — the Internet is abuzz with a desperate hope that this time, ET really has come to call. I mean, this guy Greer is a real doctor, so he says, and the former chairman of a real emergency department in North Carolina.

But this is hardly his first “disclosure.” He’s been disclosing the truth about aliens since at least 1993. Funny; until now nobody has paid any attention.

Maybe Dr. Greer is a victim of Short Alien Syndrome. It’s hard to take seriously an alien autopsy performed with tweezers.

Remember too, that this is not the first alien autopsy: that was the 1995 faux broadcast Alien Autopsy: (Fact or Fiction?) It turned out to be the latter. At least that fake alien was bigger than a breadbox.

So, fellow ET buffs, be prepared to have your faith shattered, yet again. I fear we’re the victims of an Earth-bound conspiracy: nasty, brutish … and short.

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