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Nipsters (Nazi hipsters): The hipsters who actually deserve the hate

What with celebrity selfies and Vladimir Putin, you probably didn’t think the world could get much weirder.

That’s because you don’t know about nipsters.

Allow me to plug your knowledge gap.

Nipsters are Nazi hipsters. As Vladimir Putin is Nikita Khrushchev 2.0, so nipsters are an update on neo-Nazi skinheads. Instead of jack boots and swastika armbands, nipsters sport skinny jeans, coloured glasses, messenger tote bags and beards.

You can watch German nipsters doing the Harlem Shake on YouTube, flashing signs that encourage the viewer to have unprotected sex with Nazis, which sounds so ... unclean.

Other signs in the video deplore multiculturalism, so it’s clear that the unreconstructed hearts of xenophobes continue beating to a goose-stepping rhythm, with a little hip hop thrown in to bring things up to date.

Nipsters also favour animal rights and support environmental causes. There’s even a neo-neo-Nazi vegan cooking show featuring two guys in the kitchen wearing balaclavas.

It’s mainly based on an interview with a founder of the movement, Patrick Schroeder. Everything’s on-trend about Patrick. He has his own webcast where he blends pop culture into hate culture in a way that is supposed to appeal to mainstream right-wing lunatics. In fact, he says, “If the definition of the nipster is someone who can live in the mainstream, then I see it as the future of the movement.” He dismisses North American neo-Nazis as dressed up for a costume party. No style.

Despite the user-friendly front, Schroeder’s ideological observations are distinctly paleo. He calls Barack Obama America’s “neger president” and tells Rolling Stone journalist Thomas Rogers that black people don’t belong in Germany because it’s “against nature. There’s a reason we’re not walking around in the sun, in Ghana, with our skin colour.”

All this would be horribly amusing if it weren’t for the fact that racism is on the rise in Europe. And in echoes of Nazi Germany, according to the European Agency for Fundamental Rights, up to 90 per cent of all hate crimes in the European Union go unreported because respondents are afraid of social ostracism. It’s OK to spout nipster nonsense, but it’s not OK to report it?

Nipsters aren’t the only xenophobic fungus growing on European culture. Recent anti-Semitic riots in France and Germany, on the surface a response to the Israel-Gaza conflict, have an ugly undercurrent of racism.

It’s quite the monster mash-up. Hate is an equal opportunity disease. Fortunately, an effective vaccine exists. Love is all you need, and by love we don’t mean unprotected sex with a Nazi.

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