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Emma Watson vs. The Beyhive: A face-off in the Equality Death Cage

Beyoncé's legion of fans have unearthed old comments Emma Watson made about the "Single Ladies" pop star. Does Hermione stand a chance against the Beyhive?

Illustration: Jason Logan / Photo: AP

Welcome to feminist in-fight where I put two feminist forces in the Equality Death Cage.


After critics attacked Emma Watson for showing underboob in a Vanity Fair photoshoot, she responded by saying “Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women.” Beyoncé fans, more commonly known as the Beyhive, seized on the apparent hypocrisy. The fans, somewhat of a proxy for the notoriously media shy super star, pulled up a Watson quote from 2014 in which she questioned how Beyoncé could count herself a feminist while at the same time making sexy music videos.

Wins to Their Name

Watson: UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

Beyhive: Made Beyoncé the highest-paid black musician in history

Other Victories

Watson: Played Hermione and got to punch Draco Malfoy

Beyhive: Can count Meryl Streep and the entire Obama family among their ranks

Notable Quotables

Watson: “If I was going to be a princess, I’d be a warrior princess.”

Beyhive: “It’s Beyoncé’s World and we are just living in it.” - Anderson Cooper (Beyhive member)

You Don’t Want This Trouble

Watson: Has the might of the United Nations behind her

Beyhive: Has the might to flood your social media feeds with lemon emojis

On Defence

Watson: Her full quote begins: “I’m quite nervous to bring it up because I still haven’t really formulated by my own ideas about it…” So she knew she was on shaky territory, but still tried thinking out loud.

Beyhive: Prominent feminists constantly go after Beyoncé for not being the perfect feminist, and that gets tiring. Black feminists are especially tired. Like, Rip Van Winkle Tired.

Vicky, In Charge of Feminism, Decides

The Beyhive wins. The Hive always wins.

Credit to Emma Watson for engaging with the criticism by posting the full interview, but the United Nations can’t handle the co-ordination of the Beyhive. They are a digital Swiss Guard who will die defending Beyoncé; Hermione fans could never.

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