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San Diego fireworks fail? No way, this is awesome

There are precious few instances in life where wrapping something up in 25 seconds when it was supposed to last 20 minutes could be considered an improvement, so let's not slap the 4th of July San Diego fireworks snafu with the fail stain just yet. Sure, serve up a dollop of empathy for the folks who likely worked awfully hard to plan a majestic display of pyrotechnic prowess, only to see the whole thing evaporate into short-lived spectacular plumes of disappointment five minutes before the scheduled start time.

But, come on. Would you rather ooh and aah like you've done a handful of times before? Or would you rather stand in awe for a handful of seconds as the sky -- however briefly -- explodes into angry light right in front of you?

(Video via YouTube user Andrew92106)

According to the description for the above video, the radio continued to play the scheduled soundtrack for the entire show as a crowd of thousands wondered what the hell they just witnessed. When the station personality came back on the air, it was with a "Whoops, sorry, that was the show."

(Video via YouTube user myTwinBees)
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