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Micro greens give you six times more nutrients than regular vegetables

Remember when alfalfa sprouts were the stuff of hippies and all the rage? Talk to Roy and Ginny Stewart Love of Roy’L Acres Farm in Grey Highlands in Ontario and they will tell you micro greens are the new “sprouts”.

Micro greens are actually grown in soil so the downside and danger of the anaerobic E. coli and salmonella of sprouts started in a closed container can’t happen.  These babies are simply the beginnings of the whole vegetable.

Loaded with four to six times more nutrients than the full vegetable, trays of peas and beet greens are often used as decor before being snipped into salads and sandwiches.

You will never find a fresher, more nutrient dense vegetable than one that was snipped seconds before it landed on your tongue.

What to look for in micro greens:

  • Can’t buy these artisanal treats at the grocery store? You will have more luck at  small markets, 100 mile markets and farmers markets.

  • Aim for fresh, bright, perky leaves throughout.

  • Try varieties like: popcorn shoot, various mustards, purple kohlrabi, kale, chervil, cilantro, radish, arugula shoots, flax microshoots, fenugreek sprouts and the all-familiar wheatgrass.

Theresa Albert is a Food Communications Specialist and private nutritionist in Toronto. She is @theresaalbert on twitter and found daily at

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