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Rich Aucoin brings camp counsellor shenanigans to Glowfair

Be prepared to high-five random strangers, potentially get shot in the mouth with a popcorn gun and have a raging party under a parachute.

Rich Aucoin plays Glowfair June 18, 2016.


Rich Aucoin plays Glowfair June 18, 2016.

Rich Aucoin doesn't mind when people listen to his music for free. He practically gives it away.

The Nova Scotia-born indie pop crusader has sent over 20,000 rabid Aucoin fans links to his entire music catalogue – every single dance hit, every indie disco beat and every jovial pop ballad the multi-instrumentalist has ever created, all for free.

Aucoin understands the Internet and he knows if the college 20-somethings and the stubborn, savvy millennials aren't willing to pay for tunes, they won't have trouble finding it for free.

“People are going to find a way to listen to it and the choice of whether they want to pay for it is up to them,” says Aucoin.

“I just want to make it really easy if someone does wants to listen to my music, but doesn't want to pay for it. I am more than happy to give it to them. If they want to purchase it and support me, I am okay with that too. It's kind of curbing the guilt world of torrenting.”

Handing his music out for free has given Aucoin a new level of exposure, reaching fans who just happened to catch his cell phone number off a giant screen at one of his shows – and once they hear his music, they stick around.

It has also given Aucoin a new way to connect with fans on a micro level, as he fully engages in text banter and small chit chats. There aren't too many artists out there who advertise their personal cell phones on a giant screen and invite fans to connect with them.

But this is just part of the fabric that makes up Aucoin as a person and an artist. If you've ever been to an Aucoin show, you know the level of engagement that the fun, frivolous musician cooks up on stage. Whether it's showing viral videos on screen, shooting off confetti into the masses or tossing a giant parachute into a bouncing crowd and packing as many people underneath it as he can, Aucoin knows how to bring the fun. He's like your favourite camp councillor who used to cook up all the shenanigans in the cabins when you were a kooky adolescent.

“Coming out into the audience and sticking around after the performance to talk to everyone and get feedback and hear what people have to say helps connect with people instead of just disappearing off after the show,” says Aucoin.

Whether it's putting his lyrics on the screen for crowds to sing along, handing the microphone to screaming fans or taking selfies onstage, Aucoin knows exactly what makes his fans tick, and that makes his shows a damn hit every time. And it's not just the live shenanigans that are good, Aucoin's music is some of the best party jams you'll likely ever hear.

Aucoin brings his signature style and his engaging show to Glowfair June 18. Be prepared to high-five random strangers, potentially get shot in the mouth with a popcorn gun and have a raging party under a parachute like you did at school when you were six. Rich Aucoin brings it.

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