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Luther Wright vinyl release set for Sunday Sheep show in the Hills

Luther Wright and the Wrongs drop their highly-anticipated vinyl at a Wakefield matinee show on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016.

Luther Wright and the Wrongs drop their highly-anticipated vinyl at Wakefield matinee show Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016.

Courtesy David Irvine

Luther Wright and the Wrongs drop their highly-anticipated vinyl at Wakefield matinee show Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016.

It may be eight months late, but Luther Wright fans will finally now be able to listen to Hearts and Lonely Hunters the way it was intended.

The Wakefield alt-country strummer Wright and his band the Wrongs recorded their latest studio album last year, and mapped out the tracks specifically for a vinyl release – one part rock and roll, one part country and equal parts soulful folk. The release was set to happen last February, but delays in the pressing pushed back the date all the way to this weekend.

The band will finally drop their vinyl during a Sunday afternoon show at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield.

“I wanted to do something that is half rock and roll and half country,” says Wright.

“So, Side A is the rock, Side B is the country, but even on CD it still plays well, the sequence works, but it’s nice with the vinyl, which is why we are doing this show.”

The album really is a perfectly cured cocktail of alt country at its sweetest. One sip is a hard shot of whiskey to the back of the throat, while the next is slow burn to the tummy. And it’s clear by listening to the album that Wright is ready to be a rock star again.

“I like playing rock and roll,” says Wright, adding that he has spent the last decade or so really focusing on sharpening, then polishing, his solo craft. He says he really missed the band life.

“I felt that I did my due diligence of playing rootsy country stuff and also getting my solo, singer-songwriter performer chops down. I wanted to be in a band again, I wanted to get back that camaraderie with the musicians and the connections.”

So, he did just that.

After touring the UK earlier this fall, he spent the last few weeks crammed with his bandmates in an RV and toured the country coast to coast, from here to Vancouver and back. It’s something he hasn’t done in a long while, but the adventure helped him regain some of his youth, and slugging it out on the road night after night helped spark some of that nostalgia.

“We jumped in an RV with the band and did the cross-Canada tour and I thought I wouldn’t be doing that again, I had been mostly flying,” says Wright, adding that this latest tour is something like the thirtieth time he’s travelled in a stinky van with his mates to spread his music across the country.

“But these guys were up for it and it was an adventure, it’s a goddamn big country.”

But no matter where the Wrongs go, it’s always right when they lay it down at the Sheep, one of the region’s most fabled bars, and Sunday will be no exception to the magic the dark watering hole breeds.

Wright will be joined by original Wrongs members Cam Giroux on drums and James Taylor on bass, as well as special guests Kelsey McNulty of the Box Car Boys and Tara Dunphy of the Rizdales, who Wright says will completely steal the show.

“She’s a star,” says Wright.

“She’s almost a little too good, I think she will probably get a little more attention than me, and my name is Luther, so that will be great.”

And with so many great players on stage, Wright isn’t worried about scaring all the little kids with his loud voice and poised presence, even though he’s a big teddy bear.

“And it’s a Sunday afternoon gig, so it will be kind of a perfect day,” he says.

“We will have a couple of pretty ladies, super talented on stage, which is good because with kids, no matter how friendly and goofy you are, you are always still a big scary guy.”

The Sheep gets a rockin’ at 4:20 p.m. It will be midnight before the dust settles.

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