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It’s perfection in the details at Odile that will make you smile


47 Montclair, Gatineau


Rating. 5/5

Price range. $$

Business lunch. Yes

Lunch with co-workers. Yes

Quick solo lunch. Yes

Social lunch. Yes

It’s the details at Odile that get noticed: the old-fashioned blue jug on the counter, the cubes of wood at the base of the pillar, the white smooth stone on the tray with the bill. And the attention to detail is not just in the cosy surroundings but in the food as well.

The drink choices were difficult: grapefruit and ginger or sparkling lemon with sour cherry reduction. I chose lemon and cherry and was happy.

The lunch choices were difficult, too. I chose the Croque Odile simply for the name (I’m sometimes fickle) and was delighted with the result. Smoked artisanal ham, creamy béchamel, melted gouda, arugula, thinly sliced apples and toasted walnuts on crusty bread. Every bite was a contrast in textures and flavours.

The dessert: pear tatin. The slices of pear were caramelized but not too sweet and served with a rich caramel sauce and freshly whipped (with a whisk) cream topped with finely chopped pistachios and praline.

I would eat lunch at Odile every day. It was perfect.

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