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Powering a change in thinking over batteries

Where in Winnipeg can I dispose of batteries? – Cynthia of Winnipeg

Dispose might as well be a four-letter word.

I know you really mean recycle. And recycling batteries has never been easier.

London Drugs stores in Western Canada, including Winnipeg, have committed to recycling batteries - single-use and rechargeable.

Check out their in-store recycling program, which also accepts packaging, cellphones, cameras, and small appliances (purchased at London Drugs).

Recycling fees might apply to items not purchased from the store.

Two excellent battery recycling know-it-all websites are and

Just enter your postal code into their online drop-off locator.

You'll get a list of locations near you, ranked by proximity, with complete contact information and a map.

There's also no charge to recycle batteries from things like your remote control, cordless power tools, or calculator.

Next, make the switch to rechargeable batteries. Maximize their use by reading the instructions carefully.

It sounds obvious, but each product has specific guidelines when it comes to charging a battery for the first time.

A big no-no is returning a fully charged battery to the charger for an extra boost. This will only shorten its lifespan.

Also never leave batteries in your charger if they're not actually charging. Don't forget to recycle your rechargeable batteries when they're done.

And keep your eyes open for battery recycling drop-off boxes. The last one I saw was in my neighbourhood pharmacy.

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