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An immigrant story to inspire us all

Waleed Abdulhamid is an award-winning music artist, producer and filmmaker, but it is his work as a mentor and teacher with the Young Centre for the Performing Arts that truly makes him special.

When he speaks to youth his message is simple.

"I'm an African immigrant. Don't wait for opportunity because you have to create it. You have to have the guts to not give up on your dream. Go for it."

Born in Sudan, Waleed left home at 18 to tour all the great cities of the world while performing and working with many top name artists.

But his turning point arrived in 1992 when he came to Canada and made Toronto his home.

"I love this city. We could be a great role model for the rest of the world because we are so diverse. We come from all colours, all cultures and that's what makes Toronto so unique."

Canada has been given a great gift in Waleed Abdulhamid because he is the "Music Man" of a new generation that speaks from the heart of cultural unity.

He is a role model for us all.

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