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Building from the ground up

Four years ago, Tony Kokol sat in a Federal Penitentiary having Christmas dinner with his Mom and Dad.

A life of recreational drug use had spun into addiction and some bad life choices put him behind bars.

"It got to the point where I lost everything; my career, health, credit and relationship. I realized, ‘Oh my God, I've hit bottom.'"

Fresh Start Recovery Centre in Calgary proved to be a turning point in Tony's life.

He cleaned up, got into the construction business and worked his way up to foreman on Fresh Start's new facility. Now with the new building on the verge of being completed, Tony is training to become an addictions counsellor.

"My life is full and great. I'm blessed to be surrounded by people who have my back.

Every time I walk through our new building it validates the journey that I'm on."

Tony recently went out for lunch with his Mom. As she reached out to hug her son he realized how far he had come since that Christmas in jail four years ago.

"I put a smile on my mother's heart."

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