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Lauren Friese is one talented egg

Name: Lauren Friese

City: Toronto

Age: 29

Business:, a career website aimed squarely at generation Y.

Friese graduated with an economics degree but couldn’t find any online resources to help grads find work. Started TalentEgg in 2008 and now works with hundreds of companies and employs over 15 people.

I knew I was on my way when:

“I spent my first dollar on TalentEgg."

“I’m risk adverse so I knew the minute I put money into it I would have to make it back. We’ve literally helped millions of students and recent grads over the last few years transition from school to work by providing the access to employers and job info they didn’t have before We’ve just launched TalentEgg in the U.S. and one of the traits that defines me as an entrepreneur is to never accept success. We must always strive for more.”

Action Plan

• “Seriously consider whether being an entrepreneur is the right path for you. For the right person it’s the best job in the world but for the wrong person it could have long term financial consequences.”

• “The best time to start a business is when you’re young. The risk is lower, your opportunity cost is lower and there’s a ton of support out there for young entrepreneurs.”

• Ideas are the easy part, execution is everything. I’ve had countless people say they had the idea and I tell them “It wasn’t my idea but it was ME that did it.”

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