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Kevin Smith opens up to sold out shows with live podcast

You can accuse writer-director-actor Kevin Smith of a lot of things, but never let it be said that he isn't self-effacing.

While discussing tonight's international broadcast of the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast from Toronto's Scotiabank Theatre, starring Smith and old friend and frequent collaborator Jason Mewes (the Jay to Smith's Silent Bob), he joked about the reality of what people would be paying to watch.

"My movies have never been accused of being cinematic," he says, "but you're going to go to a movie theatre and literally sit there and watch us talk to each other."

Recorded here in Toronto, a feed from the event will be broadcast to theatres across North America, with the audio available at, home to a network of Smith-approved podcasts.

Smith traces his newfound career - what he describes simply as "talking" - back to his early days promoting his early independent films like Clerks for Miramax.

"Harvey (Weinstein)'s idea was to make every filmmaker go out there and advocate for your film," he says. "If you couldn't get on the Tonight Show because you had nobody in your cast, who better than the filmmaker to speak on behalf of the movie."

Smith soon found himself spending two hours a night telling off-sided tales - like his first sexual encounter with his now wife - to packed theatres.

"It was always this side industry running parallel to the film career," he says.

Smith is currently hard at work on his next film, the hockey themed Hit Somebody, which he promises will be his last go behind the camera.

"How many times can you do it before its diminishing returns? A lot of critics will tell you its diminishing returns now," he jokes. "You go where your heart is and right now my heart is in talking."

Jay And Silent Bob Get Old is sold out on Feb 2. at Scotiabank Theatre.

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