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Humans of Toronto

Humans of Toronto is K. Omar’s social photography project aimed at photographing and talking to people in the city, showcasing the triumphs and tribulations that allow people to be connected by what we call humanity. You can see more of her work at
Humans_of_Toronto on Instagram.

'She gave us hope that there is good in this world'

The birth of their child gave one Toronto couple a new outlook on life.

K. Omar/For Metro

“I remember seeing his tiny little head emerge and Heather, our midwife who helped Kathy bring our beautiful son into this world, said ‘shirts off.’ We both took our shirts off so quickly. The baby was placed on Frank’s chest, and I wrapped my arms around both my husband and our son. We were so instantly overwhelmed with love that we began crying. Kathy made our dream come true. She gave us a family. She gave us hope that there is good in this world.”

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