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Humans of Toronto

Humans of Toronto is K. Omar’s social photography project aimed at photographing and talking to people in the city, showcasing the triumphs and tribulations that allow people to be connected by what we call humanity. You can see more of her work at
Humans_of_Toronto on Instagram.

'Work towards something that makes you happy'

Even if it's just eating a bowl of ice cream.

K. Omar

“My proudest moment was being able to graduate from university and paying off all of my debts on my own. I'm an immigrant, My parents brought us here for a better life. Being able to do all of that without having to rely on them, I think that is my proudest moment, and they’re proud of me for it too.

“Every day the choices you make, big or small, should work towards something that makes you happy. Even if it's eating that bowl of ice cream. Those little thoughts throughout the day add up. It's about trying to understand yourself and how to make yourself happy, taking the time to do that every day is the important part.”