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Review your condo or townhome's parking rules carefully

Q: Our townhouse comes with a parking space. We have a car and a motorcycle in our spot, which both fit fine, and causes no problems with neighbours or impedes on the use of the lot at all. One day, while we were out and our car was not in the spot, one of the local kids knocked over the motorcycle. We told the landlord — simply as an FYI — and he insisted that we were breaking the rules and the motorcycle shouldn’t have been there at all. He is now forcing us to pay for an underground spot because the “open spot is not for motorcycles.”

There are no specifications in the lease regarding what vehicles are allowed in the spot, or anything mentioning that there can only be one vehicle in the spot. That being said, at the time of the incident, there was only one vehicle in the spot. Should we fight this or is there some unwritten precedent that we’re missing?

A:You are correct in reviewing the lease to see if there are any restrictions on what can be parked in the allotted parking spot. Assuming that the lease does include specific mention of a parking spot and no restrictions, I can’t see any reason why you would be forced to move the motorcycle. The only other thing you may need to look into is if the condominium corporation, of which your townhome would be part, has restrictions on what can and cannot be parked in the spot. If you are restricted, under those rules and regulations then you may have no choice but to rent a second spot.

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