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Chuck seriously knows meat

Holy Chuck Burgers

  • 1450 Yonge St. (at St. Clair)
  • 416-96-CHUCK?(24825)
  • Reservations: No
  • Licensed: No
  • Co-worker lunch: Yes
  • Social lunch: Yes
  • Rating: 4 out of 5

Its menu will incite laughter and occasionally, swears. After all, when's the last time you saw a six-patty burger on a menu and cheeky names such as 3rd Little Pig, Grind n' Shine and Mad Cow?

A meat-lover's mecca, Holy Chuck Burgers provides the diner an insane amount of burger - only one item offers a single patty. Diving into its signature Holy Chuck ($9.99) and The Greek Bahahastard ($9.99) means consuming four patties. Plus, fries and a shake (add $9.99).

You'd think it would be gross, but other than bloody and greasy, the fresh-ground beef, pork and lamb are surprisingly light. It's the bacon, cheese, fries and shake (I choose Bacon, Fudge & Sea Salt) that strains against my waistband.

Chewing my sweet, meaty, salty shake, I appreciate the fun and novelty of the place, but I couldn't do this for office lunch.

However the lineups say differently.

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