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Pop-up restaurant Come and Get It worth popping into

We've all seen it - businesses go under and it's months before anything happens in the barren space.

Pop-up restaurants and shops take over these spaces in the in-between phases, and the public gets to reap the rewards.

With a decidedly 1980s vibe, the casual environment at Come & Get It is fun, but it comes with surprisingly attentive and cheerful service.

The menu is compelling: four options available in three varieties - as a sandwich, salad or poutine.

The Chipotle Beef Short Rib Sandwich ($11) is line-up worthy. Succulent with explosive flavours and a great juxtaposition of textures (soft milk bun against shredded coleslaw), it's achingly good.

The Pork Belly Salad ($9) embodies many of the same qualities, but disappointingly, the great craftsmanship is marred by browned iceberg.

The fries ($3), however, are flawless.

With such a small menu, it's possible to try everything at least once before Come & Get It packs up.

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