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Insanely fresh pre-made sandwiches exist - at Sliced


650 Bay St. (at Elm)


  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Reservations: No
  • Client negotiations: No
  • Lunch with co-workers: Yes
  • Social lunch: Yes
  • Quick solo lunch: Yes

Pre-made sandwiches are often gross. But thankfully not at Sliced, where they're insanely fresh.

There's a massive selection of inventive items, but you've got to be quick - I missed the Lobster BLT and Moroccan Chicken sandwich.

An innovative feature is Sliced's half sandwich. Pair it with one of the eatery's salads or Ravi soups, or do as I did and get two different halves to keep you from sandwich ennui.

There isn't much tuna to speak of on my Half Lemony Tuna ($4.75), which isn't lemony at all, but the Full Shrimp & Avocado ($9.75) is simply, nicely composed with watercress and mayo.

The Half Brick Lane Chicken ($4.75) with big juicy cubes of curry chicken blended with sultana raisins, mango, toasted cashews and topped with baby spinach is fantastic. The soft bread can't contain it though - filling spills out everywhere.

Still, pre-made sandwiches just got a serious upgrade.

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