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Oodles of noodles at Kinton Ramen really hit the spot

Ramen houses are the current hot trend. And with this one, run by the same folks as cult fave Guu, it’s no wonder there are lineups and long waits. Despite the sweltering heat (a combination of massive pots constantly at a rolling boil and no air conditioning), it’s worth it.

Along with your menu selection, you’ll be asked if you want pork belly or shoulder; oily or light.

Miso Ramen ($9.50) is heavily spiced and peppered, with corn in addition to bean sprouts, onion and scallion.

Shoyu Ramen ($9.50) —the soy sauce based one — is the milder of the two, with softened sheets of nori and a floating seasoned egg. The nuanced flavours of both broths are sublime as are the delicate, luscious slices of pork.

But it’s the chewy noodles that are rapturous.

I assure you, they are absolutely nothing like those dried noodle soup packages you lived on as a student, but just as addictive.

Visiting the restaurant

Kinton Ramen

Address. 51 Baldwin St.

Phone. 647-748-8900


Rating. 4 out of 5

Licensed. Yes

Reservations. No

Lunch with co-workers. Yes

Quick solo lunch. No

Business lunch. No

Social lunch. Yes

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