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Good developers are good neighbours: How Toronto condo developers are creating community

Toronto's condo developers are organizing all sorts of events, which is good for the neighbourhood — and good for business.

Last summer, Minto held an outdoor screening of the classic 1983 Nicolas Cage film, Valley Girl at the future site of their Minto Westside condominium complex.


Last summer, Minto held an outdoor screening of the classic 1983 Nicolas Cage film, Valley Girl at the future site of their Minto Westside condominium complex.

From movie nights to barbecues, pop-up stores to block parties; throughout the year, Toronto’s condo developers sponsor all manner of events and promotions to break the ice with their new communities and engage local residents and prospective buyers.

It’s all about bringing the community together through inclusive free events, providing information and connecting with potential purchasers.

The Minto Group has been active in Toronto condo development and understands the importance of engaging the community before breaking ground.

The potential purchaser for these developments is the urban consumer who is interested in being involved in the community and neighbourhood events.

Amanda Wilson Watkins is Minto’s VP of marketing and sales, and she says that community involvement is part of their philosophy. “

Mainly, it shows that we’re invested in the community that we’re building in. To be able to connect into the fabric of the community is important to us.”

For purchasers, these condo events are a great way to get to know the neighbourhood, to shop the area and dine at the restaurants that may become their new local. “It also shows our investment in the neighbourhood, in terms of what the restaurants and retailers and community services have to offer,” says Wilson Watkins.

“To us, we’re not just selling the building, we’re selling the lifestyle of the community, particularly when you have great submarkets like the King West area and Yorkville.”

This weekend, Minto will be participating in the Yorkville IceFest, sculpting an eight-foot condo made of ice to celebrate the launch of their new Minto Yorkville Park condominiums.

Ralph Fox is a broker with Sage Real Estate, representing Aragon Properties’ condo developments.

“There’s generally a level of mistrust between the community and a developer doing something in their neighbourhood.” he says.

Fox stresses the importance of keeping the community informed.

“It’s really important for the developer when going into a neighbourhood to have that open level of communication, to let people know truly what their intentions are and how they’re there to try and make the neighbourhood a better place.” says Fox.

“And when ultimately that happens, the purchasers win, the neighbourhood wins and the developer wins.”

Each summer, the Bloordale BIA runs a festival called Big on Bloor. “With Aragon’s Enigma on the Park project, we’ve participated in the local fair. It’s all local retailers and artisans in the area and they shut down Bloor Street for the weekend.”

This weekend the Minto Group will reveal an eight-foot ice sculpture as part of the Yorkville IceFest, Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m. Check it out at the Village of Yorkville Park at Bellair and Cumberland.

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