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Deck your phone with apps of healthy this holiday season

The myth that the progression of technology is making us slower and fatter may just be all wrong.

Although smart phones and the endless possibilities they offer have the potential to make us less likely to move, let alone workout, this slew of Canadian made and created apps and technology will show you how to keep those pounds off and get into shape, all with the touch of your finger.

Brydon Gilliss is the co-founder of 20Skaters, and he’s hoping that Canadians will look to him when lacing up their skates.

The technology entrepreneur is co-founder of an application that allows ardent hockey fans across Canada to organize pickup games without the headache of chasing down players for money or finding free players during the busy holiday season and beyond. The best part? It’s goon free, he says.

“It can be a thankless job to purchase ice time and organize pickup hockey for friends. We thought there must be a better way for organizers and players to make use of their rink time without losing money.”

20Skaters isn’t the only application this holiday season that Canadians can rely on to keep them in shape.

PumpUp, a free application created by University of Waterloo students was created in hopes of keeping Canadians who are too busy to hit the gym in shape with one touch of a button.

Phil Jacobson is co-founder of PumpUp, which is perfectly suited for the busy holiday period.

“Garrett [co-founder] was going to the gym and training his friend during his downtime, but started to plateau,” says Jacobson. “He was looking for a routine that would fit his schedule and had variety.”

The application uses an algorithm based on input from trainers and fitness instructors that personalizes fitness routines and goals to suit the individual.

“It’s hard for customers to get to the gym, but we built a pop up gym that goes everywhere and can be used anywhere,” he says.

Who: Brydon Gilliss, co-founder of 20Skaters

What: An online application that allows hockey players to organize pickup games and avoid those pesky rink fees


Why: “This is for people who want to hit the rink, who want to play, but just can’t because they don’t have the people and resources.”

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