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Tory's Toronto

Metro's Matt Elliott, formerly of Ford For Toronto, keeps the light shining on Mayor John Tory's city hall.

Five reasons why Toronto is clearly better than Vancouver: Matt Elliott

Toronto has seasons, for starters.

The Toronto skyline is pictured from Riverdale Park East on Monday, April. 10.

Justin Greaves/Metroland

The Toronto skyline is pictured from Riverdale Park East on Monday, April. 10.

The first time I ever saw Vancouver, I was awed by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. A week later, I was over it.

It’s a fine place, but set aside those mountains and Toronto still tops it easily – here are five reasons why.

1. Bigger is better

I’m a big city guy and in Canada it doesn’t get more big city than Toronto. We’re the fourth largest in North America. Vancouver’s metro population, on the other hand, ranks a little below Mississauga’s.

2. Toronto has seasons

Vancouverites have got to be real sick of people talking about all the rain, but seriously, what’s with the rain? At least Toronto has a variety of weather – stupid hot summers and snowy cold winters, with actual seasons in between.

3. Toronto has a sports scene

It’s probably dangerous to gloat about Toronto’s oft-troubled sports franchises, but let’s do it anyway. Toronto has two teams in the playoffs right now! Meanwhile, the Canucks are golfing and the Grizzlies play in Memphis.

4. Toronto is world class(ish)

One of the best tech hubs in North America? Check. World-renowned annual events like TIFF and Pride? Check. A music scene cranking out internationally famous artists? Check. Whether you want to embrace the “world class city” label or not, Toronto has better claims to fame than the city that hosted the winter Olympics once.

5. Geography

If nothing else sells you on Toronto’s superiority, consider simple geography. From Toronto, you’ve got quick access to great, historic cities like Montreal, Boston, Halifax and New York. Vancouver, with its easy drive to, um, Seattle, just can’t compare.

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