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Coffee, baked goods & art share space with tasty tacos

Café for Contemporary Art

140 East Esplanade


Rating. 4/5

Lunch with co-workers. Yes

Social lunch. Yes

Quick solo lunch. Yes

Café for Contemporary Art’s lone pink wall says it all: “Expect the unexpected”.

This is the Lower Lonsdale hot spot featuring fabulous coffee (49th Parallel), in-house baked goods (often vegan) and local art.

Never would I have imagined tacos, of all foods, to emerge from the small kitchen.

The biggest surprise? My first bite. How could Mexican fusion be this good at a coffee shop?

The answer: Matt Formagin, a Red Seal chef who studied in Cabo San Lucas while surviving off a diet of tacos.

Fellow taco lover and owner of the café, Tyler Russell, was gung-ho to launch the appropriately themed new menu, Everyday Tacos For Total Consciousness, featuring six highly creative tacos.

The Rhonda-Maria — packed with an incredible variety of enticing flavours — didn’t disappoint. Dense sweet potato tamale was the ‘meat’ and toppings were plentiful: jalapeno, pumpkin pesto, creamy goat feta, a sweet and spicy habanero mango salsa and cool guacamole.

You won’t want to stop until you’ve tried them all.

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