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Traditional Indian fare gets modern (& healthy) makeover


515 Abbott St.


Rating. 4/5

Price range. $

Reservations. No

Business lunch. Yes

Lunch with co-workers. Yes

Quick solo lunch. Yes

You know those nights when you’re sitting on the couch wishing dinner would somehow materialize before you?

It’s then when I consider my list of delivery options: Pizza? Too greasy. Sushi? Had it last night. Greek? They don’t deliver. Indian? Yes! Then I call Rasoee for its ‘green’ bicycle delivery.

Luckily for Gastown lunchers, the modern Indian chain has launched a fourth location on Abbott. Evening delivery option aside, its chic space (throw cushions and all) is perfect for sit-down lunches.

But don’t expect ultra traditional dishes as much as great flavours.

The Curry Bowl with two curries (both gluten-free and all natural) was enough for lunch and leftovers. Pictured are the Chic Pea and Be Green Spinach Curries on rice with whole wheat naan (an appreciated healthier option).

The former was light with a thin, fragrant sauce and hearty chickpeas. The rich Be Green Curry carried heat, but felt like silk going down — its smooth spinach had been cooked to a sauce-like texture.

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