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Ride Vij’s railway express all the way to lunch nirvana

Vikram Vij, owner and chef of one of the most beloved restaurants in the city, has launched a food truck in the heart of downtown. Could nearby lunchers be any luckier?

No directions are needed to locate the big blue truck called Vij’s Railway Express. Just scan for a crowd near the restaurant’s intersection. Dish recommendations aren’t essential either — you can’t go wrong.

“The Rice Puff and Chickpea Salad is one of the most unique dishes in the city,” general manager Chris Carter told me as I stood waiting (briefly, despite the line) for the Lucknow Lamb Kebabs.

Spicy, slightly charred ground meat is cloaked snugly in house made chapati.

The Indian flatbread is mouthwateringly moist with sweet onion and intoxicating mint. Satisfyingly dense cassava fries, showered with an incredible seasoning, are extraordinary, too.

Each menu item represents a “station” along India’s railway journey and only three of them are permanent. Have a moment with your aromatic Indian before diving in. The smell alone is more intoxicating than a perfumery.

Visiting the restaurant

Vij’s Railway Express

Address. 1075 W. Georgia St.

Phone. 604-639-3335

Rating. 5/5

Price range. $

Reservations. No

Social lunch. Yes

Quick solo lunch. Yes

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